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Specialty Meats

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Buy specialty meats online from! Specialty meat is a group of meat products that includes exotic meats such as bison, alligator, kangaroo, elk, ostrich, rabbit, pheasant and guinea fowl. The consumption of specialty meats is becoming increasingly popular in North America due to their many nutritious benefits. Specialty meats are usually lower in cholesterol and fat and are a healthy alternative to red meats.’s specialty meat selection includes meat without excessive gamy flavor such as guinea fowl, pheasant and rabbit. Since 1997, these finest and healthiest specialty meats can be delivered at your doorsteps within 24 hours.

  • This rich, flavorful French Wild Boar Salami has an excellent balance of seasoning and flavor. The wild boar meat is blended with fresh garlic, sea salt and black peppercorn...

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