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Valentine's Day the Italian Way!

Around the globe, St Valentine’s Day shares different customs and even different days of celebration. But in Italy, on February 14, there is nothing like the ‘’Baci Perugina Chocolates’’ to set the mood for love.

From Sicily to Lombardy, women and men look forward to receiving ‘’Baci’’ (the Italian word for ‘’kisses’’) for the love note that comes with each silver-wrapped treat.

And if you happen to be lost for words on that day, whisper into your lover’s ear this little sweet poem to create the most romantic atmosphere:

Le rose sono rosse
Le viole sono blu
Lo zucchero e dolce
E cosi sei tu

Did you know?

Hot chocolate tastes better in an orange cup. A recent study confirms that our perception of taste is not only affected by the color of food, but is also enhanced by the color of the container from which we eat and drink. Yellow glasses increase the taste perception of lemon and orange sodas, while blue and green give them a more thirst-quenching feeling. A beverage served in a rose cup will also be perceived sweeter. And as for coffee, the majority of those surveyed associated brown packaging to a stronger flavor and aroma.

Valentine’s Day Selection

Our Chef selection:

The main celebration of this month is Valentine’s Day on February 14. For this festival of romantic love, our Chef has come up with original gourmet gifts that your sweetheart will truly appreciate. From luscious French Macarons of 6 different natural flavors including a rose flower one to Wild Cherries in Amarena Syrup in a beautiful Opaline Jar and the famous Italian Baci Chocolates with their renowned love notes, these gifts will go a lasting way beyond Valentine’s Day. Also why not daring a few drops of our French Rose Syrup in your glasses of Champagne. And, of course, you can always add your own love message with your order.

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