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Valentine’s Day the Italian Way!

Around the globe, St Valentine’s Day shares different customs and even different days of celebration. But in Italy, on February 14, there is nothing like the ‘’Baci Perugina Chocolates’’ to set the mood for love. From Sicily to Lombardy, women and men look forward to receiving ‘’Baci’’ (the Italian word for ‘’kisses’’) for the love note that comes with each silver-wrapped treat. And if you happen to be lost for words on that day, whisper into your lover’s ear this little sweet poem to create the most romantic atmosphere: Le rose sono rosse, Le viole sono blu, Lo zucchero e dolce, E cosi sei tu

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The tradition Corner

Have you ever heard about the “Sobremesa” Spanish tradition?

The tradition Corner
Literally translating as ‘’over the table“, Sobremesa refers to the art of conversation and relaxing time after a meal. Deeply rooted in Spanish culture, Sobremesa is about exchanging ideas, discussing current issues and telling stories in a chill-out social atmosphere, picking at cookies and sipping licores. This should remind us that the dining table is a great venue to get together with family and friends and enjoy conversation.

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25 Year Anniversary of the Louis XV – Alain Ducasse

25 Year Anniversary of the Louis XV – Alain Ducasse

Look back on an international celebration. 240 Chefs and 300 Stars. 16th, 17th and 18th of November 2012

Invited by Monte-Carlo SBM and Alain Ducasse, 240 international chefs gathered for 3 days in celebrating 25 years of culinary creation at the Louis XV. Representing 300 stars and 25 countries, these talents of today and tomorrow, some representing the “Ducasse Generation”, united for the first time around their shared passion of the good and the beautiful.

The highlight of the event was the creation of an ephemeral Mediterranean market place in the Salle des étoiles of the Sporting Monte-Carlo where 100 products hailing from the Italian and French Rivieras were presented to the attending chefs.

In the culminating point of this international event, a gala diner was held at the Hôtel de Paris in the Salle Empire and the Louis XV, executed by Alain Ducasse, Franck Cerutti and Dominique Lory.

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